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Bird side
Bird side  

Walrus side
Walrus side  
This was found in a creek in central Louisiana. On one side it looks like a bird and one the other it looks like a walrus. Difinately has chips cut out for eyes on both sides and more cuts on the walrus side. Would like an opinion on it. See attachment

Hi Martha,

Good pics but with out holding it in my own hand, its hard to tell what is "carved" and what is natural.  To be honest, it looks like it may be made out of a flint or chert material which would be nearly impossible to carve with out a whole heap of effort.  As small as it is even less likely.

I think what you have is a geo-fact rather than an artifact.  However, having said this, a shaman could have found it and had it in his medicine kit as having the spirit of a bird and walrus (not found in gulf waters by the way - seal perhaps?).  

So it is plausible.  


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