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Cannon ball?
Cannon ball?  
Good morning.   I just aquired an old cannon ball (I think)
it appears to be cast iron and is 3.75" in diameter.  It also and has a Square about 1/2"in size with a# 8 stamped, or perhaps was part of the casting. It weigh 8.2LBs ,I cannot see any "plug's" or holes, thus thinking it may be solid.  After reading some of thr Q&A's I am concerned whether or not it is safe.
Can you weign in on this?
Please advise

Hi Wayne,

A ball of 3.75" in diameter would put it into the "Saker" classification.  This is a rather small weapon used on ships.  However the weight of the ball  at 8.2 lbs is too high.  A Saker ball should be about 7.5 lbs.  So, I'm not sure what you have.   It does appear to be cast Iron and the stamped number may indicate that it is perhaps a "Shot Put" ball.  I'm not sure but I do not think that it is a cannon ball.




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