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I am a computer science Graduate..I am interested in the field of archaeology....what are my scopes in archaeology???what courses should i do to get into this field????

Hello Debdatta,

That is a very difficult question for me to answer.  First of all do you want to do your studies in India?  There are 10s of thousands of sites in India that need excavation and many time periods.  The Archaeology of India is poorly understood.  Do you want to study abroad?  Do you want to specialize in a given culture or cultural area?  All in all, you should consider going back and perhaps getting a degree in Archaeology (BA) which would include the latest in GIS, Archaeological ifratometry and computer reconstruction.

I don't know if these can be found in India.  IN the US yes but then taking it to India if not there yet may be difficult.  

My first step I think would be to explore what is available in India.


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