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scarab with beads
scarab with beads  

bottom of scarabs
bottom of scarabs  
As a hobby I make jewelry from bits and piece of old jewelry that I purchase at auctions, rummage sales and the like.  I purchased these in a "bagged- bagged" lot of broken beaded jewelry and was pretty surprised at the contents.  Honestly, I thought fake, but the non scarab beads really through me off.   Definitely look like handmade fired clay beads, very rustic. Would love to know how much care I need to put into these beauties. I have looked on a few websites and cannot make sense of how to distinguish real from fake. Please let me know if you require additional information or photos. Thanks in advance for feedback or pointing me in the right direction, it is greatly appreciated.

Hi Gayle,

They are nice but it is doubtful if they are real.  Of course the Ancient Egyptians did make a lot of them for many purposes, These are a bit too crude to fit into the real category.  The artistry and craftsmanship on real scarab beads is of a high grade.  These are not high grade and I suspect made for the tourist industry.  

Sorry to disappoint.



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