QUESTION: Hello sir

Sir i wnat to conform that you can  help me in history of Indian morden period.

ANSWER: Aishwarya Meti,

You will need to be much more specific in your request.  How do you define the Indian modern period?  Are you speaking of the time period after independence from Britian?  Or from the British Empire forward?  Or the Mogul period forward.

Also you will need to define by region of India as well, since different regions underwent changes at different times.

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QUESTION: Hello sir

Sir iam speaking about the time period  of britain rule in india and after independence.Sir When i will ask my question i will mention all the things which you had asked to mention.


Hi Aishwarya Meti,

I am an Archaeologist and I know about prehistoric India to a greater extent than "modern India".  However, I am familiar  with the time of British Rule and the subsequent Independence of India.  There may be others that may be of greater service to you that have far more in-depth knowledge about this time period.  But I will help you to the best of my ability.  Please state your questions:


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