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Back arrowhead
Back arrowhead  
Thank you in advance for your time :)

I live in Eastern Ohio ( Hammondsville ) and regularly walk the creek by our
House ( yellow creek ) This is the first time I have found anything like this and
Wonder if I found an arrow head ?

Both items were found close to one another. It seems like the Rock has the typical
Arrowhead shape, although it seems quite worn. The other item feels like clay. It almost
Resembles a mushroom. Thought they might be related since they were so close to
Each other ?


Hi Eddie,

Yes it appears that the black chert item is most of an Arrow Head.  Being in the creek would have exposed the Arrow Head to erosion which would have rounded edges.  The other object looks a little like a fossil of a sea urchin but it looks a bit strange.  It may be a clay item which is man made but with out having it in hand for close examination hard to say.

Keep looking!


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