QUESTION: Hello sir

Negative thoughts means like when we are in tension like if any work is for me burden happening then negative thouhts will come and they had destroyed my interest in ambition and studies. When the studies are more
and we should complete our more work in short time then the negative thoughts starts so by that i loose my will power and if like maths is difficult means i starts feeling means negative thougts will make feel that maths is difficult and i quit from trying.Please provide me a way to fill my brain with positive thoughts not full positive because some times negative thoghts help but please provide me some ways by that negative thoughts should not affect my studies and childhood co curricular development.


ANSWER: Hi Aishwarya,

What you ask of me is very difficult to do at a distance and via email.  Have you spoken to anyone where you live?  A grandparent?  An Uncle or other family member?   Perhaps at your school there is someone you can speak to that may be able to be of greater assistance?  Having positive feelings must come from within.  We all feel frustration, sometimes anger and negative depending in the circumstances.  For you, you find maths difficult and this brings on negative feelings which then impact how you feel about yourself and other subjects.  Maths can be very difficult but also necessary for many courses of study.  Even in social sciences, statistics are a required type of math.  

When I am in an angry or negative mood, I find that meditation often helps me to regain focus.  I find a quiet restful place, perhaps by a quiet pool of water, or pond, often in a park or other cool restful place.  Near here is a Hindu temple and also a Buddhist temple both are quiet restful places that are perfect for meditation.  I have also found other houses of worship such as a church, synagog or mosque to be quiet places of reflection and away from the noise and frantic activities outside.  Perhaps this would be of help to you as well.  

Seek to understand what make you angry or negative about those subjects that make you feel negative. Once you have a better understanding of this then you can begin to formulate coping methods to help overcome these feelings.   For many, a fear of failure is chief among those causes.  And this then leads to failure.  It is a self perpetuating causation cycle.  To break this cycle, you need to change tactics.  Do not be afraid to ask for help, tutoring, or counseling.  There is nothing shameful about doing so.  Is it hard to do so, yes but you need to overcome your fears.  It takes courage and bravery to do so.  Both are very positive actions.

Does this help?

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QUESTION: Hello sir

This not helped sir

I am very worried and tensioned becaise of negative thinking. Now my school is started but because of negative thinking i am not able to concentrate in studies. I am thikning deep about maths and science concepts and another way i am feeling worried about it will take lots of time and  for me biggest problem is  some times i am not able to understand fastly and all should explain me clealy , this point is irritating to all. I am feeling that iam loosing my will power , interest, encouragement. Please provide an effective way to deal with this. If you are not getting answer please if you know any physicologsts please consult if you want to consult and answer any way i want perfect solution for this problem in 24 hrs.

Why do you have negative thinking?  What is upsetting you?  What is it that you fear?

Do you have a learning disability which is making it hard for you to understand the concepts?  Have you spoken to a mental health professional at your school?

The solution is within you.  That is why you need to seek out a professional near you to help you find that solution inside of you.  This can not be done long distance but must be done in the context of where you live and study.

These are questions a psychiatrist is asking and his comments.


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