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Sir can you tell me some effective methods of remembering dates in history . Please tell me 2 or 3 methods if possible.


Hi Aishwarya,

Remembering dates or anything else for that matter is based on how your brain is "wired".  We all have different ways of remembering things.  For me, I "picture" the date in my head associated with the event.  So for the American Revolution, I picture soldiers in period dress holding a flag with the date imprinted on the flag.  With a prehistoric time frame, if they made ceramics, I incorporate the approximate dates for them as part of the motif in their ceramics.  

For some people they need to learn the dates by "rote" memorization.  For others building a time line in their heads is another method.  Since I don't know you, I can not recommend one way or another.  

Good Luck.


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