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Hello. I've been doing construction/excavation out side of a town called Eola mo. It's a very hilly/semi mountainis area. It's at the very top of a hill. It's very secluded area. And to everyone nowledge it's been undisturbed for ever. On that note we've found thousand of dimond shaped rocks. Some are almost perfect. Also we've found a few Indian tools which our engineer took to an archeologist who said what the tools were called. But I don't remember. I know 2 of them were grinding stones, like for grinding food or somthing. They were very smooth and rounded at each end.
     Anyway I'm really curious what's up with these dimond shaped rocks. I read an answer that some one sent to a lady who found the same kind of rocks in another state. The answer was "that they just happened to break in that shape while the Indians or someone, was digging for somthing eles" I can't remember what the somthing eles was called.
   But there is no way no posible way just counsidentaly that thousands of rocks just happened to break in perfect dimond shapes. I don't even know how anyone could even say that.
   Oh yea also on of my best friends who is a lincoln county commissioner, is a third generation farmer that lives about 1 mile down the road from the site. His family has farmed down the road from  there for over 100 yrs.
    PLEASE HELP ME... I really just got a know what these are? A few of them have chipping on the edges like a arrow head has.
         Thank you for your time...

         Arvel skaggs


Good Morning Mr. Skaggs,

With out seeing a photo of the diamond shaped rocks it is impossible to identify them with any certainty.  But,  if they are clear like glass, with a pointy end and have straight flattened sides, you may have found a quartz crystal cashe.  Native Americans were quite fond of quartz crystals.  They were used for ceremonial purposes and could be used as tools and if big enough may even have been used as a source material in making arrow heads.  I have several fine examples of clear Quartz arrow heads made from crystal Quartz.  

If you have any photos I would like to see them and be able to provide you with a more definitive answer.



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