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Sir in olden era of India, when some  superstitious beliefs are followed by the people of India , some britishers came to prohibit that but by prohibitting what they gained because they wanted us to make their slaves.

We all know that bristish not came to rule and make Indians as slaves .But for what reasons they ruled our country because they not came to India to rule our country

Hi Aishwarya,

The history of India shows many invasions and the rule by many different cultures.  The British are the last in the long line of invaders.  The British were an economic power house from about 1650 to World War 2 when their empire literally spread around the world.  At one time there was a saying that the "Sun never set on the British Empire".  India (which included Pakistan and Bangladesh and other territories) was a wealth of raw materials needed by the empire to keep its economy going and growing.  Cotton, Sugar, Meat, Minerals like Salt and Copper, were important to the British and both were in abundance in India.  So, India was ruled by the British primarily for the economic benefit.  At the same time, they recognized the problems within India: 1) the Cast system, 2) lack of adequate transportation, 3) Famine and Food issues, 4) diseases etc... As they consolidated their holdings in the region, they began to work on these and other issues.  They outlawed the Cast system (which was not very effective given that it still exists), they built railways and other transportation systems, this helped with food distribution and reduced food shortages etc... And it also helped with limiting the spread of diseases and also allowed to health workers to treat people faster and more effectively.  Of course India is a huge country with a Billion people and many parties, cultures, languages etc... it still operates on regional blocks based on this.  And while it is the largest most complex democracy it still has issues as any country has.  

So the simplest answer is it was economics that drove the British and the other Europeans to have colonies.  


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