Hello sir

Sir deep thinking is good or bad.Because in maths , science deep thinking is confusing me everything. Sir  have a habbit of asking why in each concept, means this is like this only.These all are confusing me. Please tell a way.

Hi Apsara,

"deep thinking" is not for every one.  It is a little like meditation, not for every one.  Different concepts for math, science, art, archaeology can indeed be confusing if the foundation knowledge is weak.  So, if in school (elementary) you learned addition, subtraction, multiplication etc... but did not advance to algebra, then more advanced math concepts may be confusing.  This is true for all of these areas of study.  Each builds upon the knowledge of previous concepts.  

Think of yourself as an individual who lived 10,000 years ago.  Before math, science, archaeology etc... For you numbers where what you could count on your fingers and toes.  There was no concept of "0" (zero).  Today in some primitive cultures counting is 1,2,3,4, many.  They may not have a concept of time other than the passage of the sun and seasons as the Aborigines or Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari.  As knowledge developed and new concepts were tested, those that stood the test of time were then incorporated into our knowledge base.  Some of these have been overturned with more advanced knowledge and understanding and new concepts.  

The new concepts are often developed by "deep" thinkers who then publish them in peer reviewed journals and are hotly debated for some time, tested and tested to ensure that they are "good".  Once deemed good, they are then incorporated.  So, deep thinkers are needed as are idea people, as well as us ordinary  people.  Together we all are needed to move forward.  Thus, it is ok to be confused and have problems with deep thinking.  WE are not all designed to do so.  Perhaps you are an ideas person, or an ordinary one like me.


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