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Sir what is the meaning of civilisation.

Hi Shilpa,

Civilization has several meanings depending on time frame and cultural reference.

1) a civilization is An organized cultural entity with a single common language, usually written but not in all cases.  Has a stratified society and a "ruler" of some type.  The Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, etc...are ancient examples

2) a civilization is a state in which multiple cultural groups may live but that adhere to a rule of law designed to give all equal ranking.  The USA, the European Union are examples of this type

3) a civilization can be seen as a loose confederation of "states" with a common goal, language, view point or cultural understanding that leads to an affiliation.
The First Nations of Canada, the Iraquois Nation, the Innuate etc... Most in this category are aboriginal peoples but not all.  

I hope this helps  


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