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Sir on 22nd july 2016 , there was debate competiton. But This debate was speaking all the points at the same point. Topic was Mobile phone boon or bane , and i selected bane. There were six houses and from each house there were 2 members. It was just like giving speech. So i gone prepared very well. But when i started speaking i was strucking. When i stucked first time , i thought i will loose some marks and i lowed my confidence. But i continued. While speaking i spoke the points , and i became over confidence , because our pricipal, is teaching maths and he used to always tell us the effects of mobile phones, so i thought, sir will be more happy and i was overconfidence. And while speaking i used to hold my breath for some times because, i should speak in stylish english language, so when i    spoke some lines holding the breath, i shouldexhale the air out, so because of that there were many strucking between, and i am very afraid when i go on stage and my performence was not nice.I am feeling very bad. sir please tell me how to be confident when i go to stage. I prepared a lot, and i made all my points own, not even searched in internet. Please tell me how to perform on stage confidentaly.


Hi Apsara,

This not an unusual problem.  Many many people have confidence problems going on stage.  Even many actors have difficulty with this.  So it is important to know that you are not alone.  Chances are that every one on stage will feel the same way.  Even I have this problem and as a professor, I am on stage every single day.  

So, how do I do it.  First of all I am confident I know my material very well.  I know the "stage" very well.  And I know some if not all of the people.  Then when I am on stage, I make believe that every one is only wearing their underware and that their underware has pink polka dots.  I'm not sure why this works but it puts a smile on my face.  I then concentrate on my material and carefully listen so that I can respond properly to questions.  It also helps to think of something funny to break the tension.  

Good luck!  I hope this helps...


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