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In google, please search, ncert textbook class 9th hisory. U will get our book online. In that main doubt is in our previous classes we learnt to stone age, mediveal period and morden period but suddenlly they gave about french revolution, before that history we studied is of india but i am having confusing that suddenly why they gave history about other country that is also about fremnch revolution.


Hi Apsara,

I now understand your confusion.  This text book is used by a very wide range of schools across the world.  The American and French revolutions were among the first to overthrow a ruling monarchy to establish a "modern" democratic form of governance.  It is viewed by some as an important shift along with industrial revolution handing greater responsibility to the common "man".  

While I prefer to teach in a logical progression from the Stone Age, bronze and iron ages, to the historic empires including those of India, China and Khamer,  then into the historic periods across the different continents, to the modern era, this is not always possible due to constraints of time and the knowledge base of the teachers.  The text book reflects this to a degree focusing on subject materials that the editors felt were of importance to a broad understanding of world history.  This "jumping" around in history with out appropriate context can be very confusing.  Just so that you are aware, Indian history is virtually unknown in the West because A) it is not well understood by the West and B) not seen as important to the "rise" of modern nation states.  This is very inaccurate of course and is based on ignorance in the West.  The rich history of India brought us our numbering and mathematical systems, culinary arts, early forms of democracy, trade, monetary systems and banking, language etc... All adopted by the West without a clear understanding of their origin.  

Why do I know these important facts?  As an Archaeologist, it is important for me to know and understand the dice inaction patterns of ideas an tools.  

You live in an amazing place with a very rich and deep history.  You are ver fortunate.

Please free to ask more questions.


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