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Sir as we all know in monarchy rule, king is only the head and only his commands will be followed and there is no freedom like we all have know right to speech ect. But when we see the rule of king Bindusar, during his rule people of his kingdom can express their problems and he had found solutions for them and if we see he not done any rules against his kingdom people. Another eg is Raja Gangadhar Rao and her wife Rani laksmibai or Jhansi ki rani .When they we ruling monarchy was there , but people had rights and freedom. Then how we can say the in monarchy rule, there is no freedom for people and no rights for people.



There are many kinds of monarchy.  There is single rule monarchy, in which the king or queen has total authority,  there is theocracy in which the king is also the spiritual leader.  ( although rarely refered to as a king).  There is also constitutional monarchy, etc...

In modern terms there are very few single rule monarchies any more.  But the king of Swaziland, and the Queen of Lesoto are.  They are benevolent and work hard to help their people.  There are also theocracies,  the Pope, is the theocratic leader of Catholic people and the Vatican state.  The Dalai Lama of Tibetis as well.  There are many constitutional monarchs such as the Queen of England, King of Sweden, sultan of Brunai etc...

In single rule monarchies, it depends on the individual who becomes king or queen how the people will fair.  If the monarch wants his people to prosper, he will do every thing possible to ensure this.

I hope this answers your question.


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