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In olden days of india, womens were not allowed to go out of their houses and men can go out, but sir it is ok know that womens had more security and like men they are doing work in house and men are doing work by going outside.But ultimatels they both were doing work only place differers.Then why we say it is a wrong thing which is followed.It is correct sir, now a days their is no security and in olden days what parents sayed they followed , that was good , then what was the negative effect of this.Today we are educated but, we are not respecting our parents, our owm parents we are killing them for property, how much they suffured because of us when we were child.Then why that matter is called wrong. I am against of sati sysytem, it is wrong and discriminations of rich and poor were also wrong but staying of womens inside the house is good then why it is considered as wrong.


Hi Apsara,

Cultures evolve.  At one time women and girls were not permitted to learn how to read and write, they were fully under the subjugation of men.  In some parts of the world this is still true.  But women can and are capable of doing vevry thing a man can, and in some cases better.  And there is at lease one thing a woman can do that men can not, have children.  This of course does not mean that we should not be respectful of our elders, we should.  But, with cultural evolution come the pain of changes.  It is not wrong that castes are slowly disappearing and that women can have an education.  These are good things that will allow India to grow into a strong independent state.  Today, India is a second world country but wants to be a first world country like the US, but to achieve this, every one must be productive member of society, educated, able to vote with understanding of the issues both locally and nationally.  Working to end slavery, child marriage, and subgegation of women.  This will take time.  Evolution, takes time.


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