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Sir can u tell me the process of discovery of numbers and discovery of numbersystem and how why the mathematicians have classified numbers in number system

Hi Aishwarya,

Numbers began a very long time ago.  The reason was for counting things.  Animals, stones, distance etc... Our early ancestors used fingers and toes for this purpose and perhaps also lines in the sand or using sticks to count as well.  We still use these ancient methods today.  The written numerals arose out of this thus 1 was one line in the sand or one finger held up, and so on, each number looking different from the other. The Romans used "X, V, C, I,"  and they did not have a zero.  it was simply left blank as a "place holder".  The Indian Mathematicians came up with the concept of Zero and wrote it as an 0 indicating a null.  This was picked up by Arab traders and spread with trade.  It was a monumental invention and allowed higher math to develop.  

Numerals arose with writing systems and are different for many cultures.  Some are also letters as in Hebrew for others symbols, and in yet more they had their own character to define the "number".  

Mathematicians have classified many of these based on the use of Zero or the absence of Zero in the character schema.  Also if the culture had "negative" numbers as well.  Why do they classify numbering systems?  This is to help determine the capability of the people being able to use higher math for Geometry, Calculus or more complex mathematics used for Astronomy, construction of cities, roads etc... The more complex the math, the more complex the society.


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