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The history of India is very complex into the 1800's.  But even prior to the 1800's the Europeas were trying to colonize India but with limited success.  Goa, is a classic example of this.  Because of its size and strategic importance, it's "control" was seen as critical to trade by the Europeans.  Thus, as part of a larger global economic system India plays a major role.  As such, it is important to see India as a part of this and its impact in that way.  Especially as part of the British empire. Indian cotton, tea, furniture, spices, and many other products allowed India and Indians to prosper.  The British tied India into a unified entity with roads, the railroads and a unified monetary system.  It also instilled a unified legal system, education, and language in a place which had 15 dominant languages and a few dozen dialects and minor languages.  India learned to communicate within itself.  So these outside influences greatly impacted India as India has impacted the rest of the world.  

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