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Sir when numbers are discovered , why they have classified in natural whole integers , rationsl, irrational and real, how they got the idea what they thought that they classified

Hi Aishwarya,

Whole numbers have been around since we used our fingers and toes for counting.  Fractional numbers came next and this came from dividing things when sharing.  Other number types did not and were not needed until higher maths were developed for astronomical observations, geometry and engineering, when there were "unknown" numbers.  The length of a hypotenuse for example or the length of a diameter of a circle.  The classification of numbers in such instances were rational because they were "rational", measurable.  So, along with whole numbers, fractional numbers and rational numbers, these are "real" numbers.  Irrational numbers are typically not physically measurable.  These are used in theoretical forms of maths.  Physics, calculus, differential equations where the numbers are mostly unknown.  Symbols and constants are use for these types of maths.  E=Mc2. Is an example of this.

This is a rather simple explanation but I hope it serves the purpose.  You should ask your maths teacher for more information or clarification.


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