In the below video, comparison is made between the Egyptian god Horus with Jesus. It is mentioned that Horus was born from virgin, had 12 disciples, became teacher at age 12, crucified, resurrected and so on. Are all these statements mentioned about Horus truly known from Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Hi Amtry,

Simply put the answer is NO.  Horus is the god of the sky and war.  NOT the Sun, that is Ra.  He was not "born" of a virgin but made from the body parts of his "father" except his penis which was thrown into the Nile and eaten by a fish.  He did not have "disciples" but was one of the gods of the Egyptian pantheon each with their own "responsibilities" like Ra, Osiris and others.  He was a god from start to finish and was never a "teacher" as this would imply that he was an individual which was never the case.  Nor was he "crucified or resurrected".  I'm not sure where or who created this video but it is pure BS and should not be viewed as reality in any way shape or form.  

Was Jesus real?  Hard to say.  There is a growing body of evidence from Archaeology that an individual like Jesus may have been alive during the time frame claimed by the New Testament but you would think that the Roman historians of the time would have mentioned him by name given the "revolution" he brought about.  But this does not appear to be the case.  However this said, clearly an individual with a revolutionary view of religious belief did come into being and stories did spread about him or his group.  At the council of Nicea many myths were encoded about this person and this created the "person of Jesus".  How much was real and how much fiction, no one can determine this.  Writings from his disciples (many of whom were illiterate and were written down much later from oral stories) were dismissed by the council.  So, who really was Jesus?  This is not known nor is a clear understanding of what he preached.  What is a strong possibility is that if he existed, then he may well have been an Essene Jew who was against the Pharases and the priests of the temple.  This may have been radical enough for the time period.  The Romans did not want unrest and would "arrest" trouble makers.  Many were crucified.  Did one become a martyr, very possibly?   Was he "born of a virgin", so the story goes...

But your faith is yours.  You may believe how you choose.  I present only the facts as they are known.


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