Is there any inscription in Egypt that proves Moses and exodus story.


ANSWER: Hi Amtry,

Simply no.  However, there is evidence of a lot of things written in the Bible from this time period.  For instance the granaries of Pithom and Ramses have been found archaeologically.  We also know from ancient census records that there was a large population decrease from the same region.  There is also some archaeological records of a plague that afflicted thousands of people from a time frame consistent with the story.  Based on language from the Bible that Moses was raised as an Egyptian and had royal presence.  There are stelle from the period which have a royal cartouche defaced which could be the name of Moses since we know of no others from that time who would have been "erased" from their history.

These are of course circumstantial rather than direct.  But there is still a lot of archaeology being done and it was a very long time ago, so these things can take time to figure out.

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QUESTION: Many thanks for your reply.

Can you please provide link for the archaeological records of a plague and stelle which have a royal cartouche defaced.

Also how would the Egyptians not record this important history in detail if it had occurred.


Hi Amtry,

There are defaced Stelle but it is not known if  the cartouche that has been defaced is that of Moses.  In fact I am not aware of any cartouche of Moses that has survived.  As for stories of the Exodus  in stone, I know of none.  However, there are Papyrus that infer this such as the census documents that speak of plagues (Papyrus Ipuwer) but these documents are somewhat fragmentary.  

Many scholars and Egyptologists feel that the Exodus story is a conglomeration of many oral traditions that were coalesced  rather then being a factual story of the escape of more than a million people from Egypt.  There is scant archaeological evidence of such a large number of people moving through the desert.  However, could this be ascribed to the power of the All Mighty?  Of course.  But I do believe that such a mass of people moving in consort would have left its mark.  

Could the story of Exodus be real, yes.  It occurred so long ago that written records no longer exist and the archaeological record has not provided us with definitive proof.  All it takes is the discovery of a single artifact with the his Cartouche or a papyrus with new information and such things are always being found.  So, don't discount the story from the Bible because there is a lack of proof.  Much of our history from this time period is fragmentary and incomplete.


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