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Sir please open my 9th standard textbook history (India and the contemporary world) from Google and clear me that stating they have given about Bastille day then in next para about protests and then in next they have given about kings rule and then story of French revolution then in middle they have given again about Bastille day and same protest
I am getting confused , the lesson is not in systematic order I am getting confused for undersranding please help me


Hi Aishwarya,

Yes I agree it is somewhat confusing.  But I noted the same thing in other chapters as well, so it is an established pattern in this book.  The initial paragraph is about Bastille day which is a key date in the French Revolution.  The author then goes back to frame the historical context, the protests, the Kings rule and the revolution which over threw the kingdom.  So, take the opening out of context, and start with the historical framework, and it should then make more sense as this is in historical sequence.


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