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Hi Aishwarya,

There are different ideas of governance for countries.  Theocracy lead by a religious leader like the Pope in Vatican City.  There is Communism in which the governing group determines everything.  There are Kingdoms (two types) one a constitutional and the other is direct rule.  England is an example of a Consitutional Monarchy while Saudi Arabia is a direct monarchy.  Democracies like the US and India have elected governments. There are some other types like dictatorships which can come in different types; chiefdoms; kibbutzim; etc...

Democracies have been around for a while, Switzerland being the oldest among them.  As a system, the people must be engaged in the over all proses.  If they aren't it does not work.  Russia is an example of a general failure of democracy.  The reason being is that the people did not understand how it works.  To many years under communism.  It takes two or some times three generations for a shift to be possible.  In some cultures it never really works because of deeply established societal norms.  So in those cases where it was imposed, the people eventually rejected it,  in other cases, it took a great deal of effort.  In nearly all cases where it has succeeded women won the right to be a part of the process.  That is a key differentiator.  

As a system of governance, democracies tend to be more fair to its citizens offering many rights not offered on other governmental systems.  It takes hard work to make democracies function.  Every one needs to involved.  


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