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If a architect draws a draft of my house is that the property of the architects or me. Am I allowed to make modifications. What is customary regarding the ownership of the drafts. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your question. Sorry about the delay in the answer.

I understand when you wrote draft of my house, you are referring as the drawings and specifications of your house. Then, the ownership of architectural plans belongs to the creator of the plans(architect), not to the person house is being built from those plans.
As is stated in the AIA(American Institute of  Architects), Document A201(General conditions of the contract of construction) under general provisions  :
"Architect and the Architect Consultants shall be deemed the authors and owners of their respective instruments of service, including the Drawings and Specifications, and will retain all common law, statuary and other reserved rights, including copyrights"
If you want to make modifications, you can agree to do those modifications with the same architect who design the house. If you can't do that, you can eventually hire another professional and make the changes you need so the design fits your needs.

Hope this is helpful.

Guido Tenaglia, LEED AP


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