Hi! I am an eight grader and for robotics class our teacher asked us to create a problem exisiting around the word "infrastructure." Our problem was, "How can we prevent the growth of mold on the infrastructure of houses?" We also had to come up with a solution and show it to an expert to comment on. The solution my group came up with is a spray called the Mold-Away Spray. This spray is composed of different environment friendly chemicals that will protect the house from mold, prevent the mold from coming back and prevent damages caused to houses by mold. The spray does not harm the house and is very easy to apply. The Mold-Away Spray only needs to be sprayed onto the house every few months and it is very easy to do. There is no need to hire a professional to apply the spray. So can you please tell us your opinion on our solution and include problems or what we can improve. Thank you so much!!

Congratulations for linking infrastructure to architecture.
Some things to consider:
Is anyone else making this type of mold spray?
If it is toxic to mold, how will it affect humans?
Will you need a mask to apply it, and what will happen if it gets on bare skin?
Will it fade any paint colors or cause any damage to wood, stone, glass, or shingles, etc.?
How much spray will you need for a typical application--1 quart, 1 gallon or more?
Should the spray be pumped by hand or is it an aerosol?
Maybe a robot could spray the chemical.
Perhaps you can research what type of chemical will kill common mold?
Maybe you can use this on cars and trucks too.
These are some things to think about and I hope you and your class will learn many aspects about chemical content, hazard warnings, packaging, and marketing.
Best wishes,
John Henry Architect, Florida


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