"Dear Expert,
i was wondering if you could tell me how the technology and strategy in architecture has improved since 1850.
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Hi Danny,

There is too much to cover in this short answer. I would say the biggest changes in architecture have been brought about by the availability of materials. Back in 1850 there would be clear regional divides in design styles, based around the local materials. In recent times there has been a move back towards this style of construction as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of new builds - a good example of this is the re-emergence of straw as a viable building material. There are a whole range of new modern materials, such as ETFE foils, which extend the limits of design beyond what was possible 150 years ago.

Other areas to consider are:
<li>Computing which can include BIM, CAD, 3D modelling ancesd virtual testing</li>
<li>Environmental design - the effects on the eco-system would not have been considered back then</li>
<li>Services - modern buildings require a lot of additional space for HVAC, electrical installations, plumbing, etc.</li>



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