How mutch Wait can a Bedroom Floor Hold on the Top Floor?
I want to get a Waterbed that is 1300 Ponds and is a Queen Size.

Hi Bob,
It does depend on the structure and condition of your house's structure, but it should be OK - 1300 pounds is roughly equivalent to 5 adult guys standing in the corner of the room. Putting two people on top of the bed makes that about 7 people, so you can imagine though its a great weight your floor should be able to accommodate it. Its the weight of a small gathering of friends in one of your rooms.

This is of course based on your home being constructed to standard, in good condition, with nothing like rot or termite damage that might weaken the timbers - I can only assume that it is. Is it an older house? Have you had any structural issues previously?

I would still ask the sales guy you bought it from what he thinks. You won't have been the first person to put one of his beds into the second floor of a house, and he can advise you about the weight, filling it up and what to do if there's a leak. I've never had the luxury of a waterbed, so I don't know if 1300 pounds is a small, average or large waterbed?

Enjoy your new bed!
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