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Hi... I am about to begin construction of a new home and need advice regarding the exterior trim color.  The house will be located in the mountains and will have generally a "mountain rustic" exterior design.  The exterior will be of Hardie siding material with some cedar shakes and wooden decking/railings.  

We are planning to use Sherwin Williams Black Fox-7020 (flat finish) for the color of the main body of the house.  The color of the roof will be CertainTeed Cottage Red.  

We are having difficulty deciding on a trim color.  The use of trim color will be minimal (primarily window trim) and we want a subtle contrast between the main body and the trim... nothing very stark or bold.  The S-W colors we've looked at so far all tend to be too light and/or have too much of a green tone.  We are looking for more of a gray or brownish/gray trim to go with the Black Fox.

Any suggestions?


Certainteed Red Shingle
Certainteed Red Shingl  

As you already know, color is very subjective.  Personally, I have found high contrast will garner more attention compared to something homogenous.  I tend towards the monochromatic but I remind myself that doing so will camouflage my designs so very well - that nobody will ever care to look at them.  That's very dull.  So if you do not like white trim then I recommend a color that will match the shingles = Tanager SW6601.

Good luck and let me know what you decided.

Richard Burton, AIA
Registered Architect
ICC Certified Plan Reviewer
NFPA Certified Fire Plan Examiner


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