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QUESTION: Dear Brendan

Can you suggest some enhancements in a Modern Fire Brigade Design from architecture point of view?.


ANSWER: Hi Prashant
I'm a little unclear as to what you're asking?
Modern fire stations are typically functional architecture, probably limited in scope and budget as they are normally municipal or government funded, with a list of requirements based on previous units. Many of the examples that I've seen have a viewing platform to be able to visually spot fires in the immediate area, and are normally built around the truck bays. Speed of operation and the comfort of the fire fighters when they are at the base are the two critical criteria. They need to have spaces to cook, eat, relax and rest, as well as train, practice and learn. They need to be able to get out those doors as quickly as possible once an emergency has been declared.

One of the fire stations that springs to mind is the Vitra Fire Station by Zaha Hadid, though I'm not sure if that's relevant based on the very different location?

I hope this helps?


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QUESTION: Dear Brendan

Thanks you.

Do you suggest a large infrastructure Space allocated to a Modern Fire Brigade for the trucks, Fire extinguishers, sophisticated Electronic communication devices for Fire fighters etc?.


Hi Prashant,

The space allocated for the various trucks, communication equipment, etc, depends very much on the budget and requirements of the fire service the station is being built for, as well as the design standards of that organisation or government. A small rural station has very different needs to a large regional headquarters station for example. Different locations also have different fire fighting needs, such as chemical treatment around industrial zones, longer ladders for high rise cities and back burning capabilities in some rural areas. The following are links to space allocation and requirements for fire services in various different states.

In cases such as this, a simple Google search for the standards that are applicable to your state, or the state of your project might help shed some light. The following phrases quickly show a number of layouts, requirements and standards;

fire station standards
fire station design guidelines
fire station layouts

Are you working on a new fire station?
Hope this helps!


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