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Is there a standard for all buildings on how far the floor should be from the ceiling? I'm working on a short story about an eccentric heiress whose penthouse includes a foyer with a giant statue sitting at floor level with it's arms on two staircases like the arms of a chair, but I can't figure out if this would mean a ceiling two stories high or three stories high or if a ceiling that high would require additional supports to keep higher floors from crashing in on itself. How much height should I be allowing for each staircase? In your opinion, is this an architectural possibility or should I be consulting an anatomist?

Sounds like an interesting story!
Starter homes are about 8-9 ft. floor to ceiling.
Luxury homes we design have 14 ft. at the first floor and 12 ft. second.
In between is a floor truss of about 2 feet.
So in a Foyer that is two story you will have 28 feet floor to ceiling which should accommodate your statue.
The famous historic Palladian villas in Italy are 24-35 feet in height.
Here is a link to my web that describes historic mansions, castles and villas:
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