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I graduated from school last May and it was a rough year with losing my mother to cancer and dealing with other issues. Now that things have settled down for me, I'm trying to get my foot in the door in the architecture field. I've had a hard time finding work because I only have about a year's worth of experience at a small firm that mainly did exterior renovations. I was just hired at a considerably larger firm that doors retail work and I'm not sure if it's going to work out. I have great knowledge of Autocad but they don't seem to understand that I gave to get acquainted to the way that they do things in their office. I've only been there for three days and my supervisor is aggravated that it took me all day to complete updates to somewhat simple drawings. I'm aware that it took a while to complete but it had more to do with understanding how their office lays out and creates drawings, asking a lot of questions and making some beginner level errors. They know I haven't worked in a while. My last job ended about a year ago.

Maybe this firm is a bad match for me. I know their projects move faster than what I'm used to, but handing me drawings I've never seen before on my third day in the office and asking me to update then within an hour is a little much. If I was more acquainted with their cad standards and interior work then sure, I could have done it in twenty minutes. I'm nit sure if I should continue to work for this firm and hope things get better or if I should get out while it's still early. I don't want to burden them and I don't want to start my career off on the wrong foot.

I would hang in there for a few weeks but tell the manager who hired you that if they find you are not the best match for the work they require that you are willing to find another position elsewhere.  In the meantime, do look around.
This is getting to be a tougher profession year after year.
Much outsourcing going on in medium to larger firms.
Learn something in the field that will make you most valuable.
At the beginning there is a lot to learn and you will find out what you like and what not.
Huge firms can stick you in a corner and do bathroom or roof details for months.
Smaller firms have to let you work on all aspects of a project.
A medium firm is probably best to start out.
Best of luck sir.


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