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how is career in animation?


Just two months ago, an animation business located next to my architecture went bankrupt.  The problem with that business is that many clients are either not paying their animators and/or the individual businesses are figuring out how to task animation to someone who normally does graphic design and marketing.  I have also noticed that many animations are being sourced out to China and India where the skill levels are high but the cost of labor is very low.

I spent my first six years in the architectural office creating photo-realistic renderings and animations.  My clients loved to see those but never once did they want to pay for them.  We had to provide those free of charge as a tool for design development.  Otherwise our client might be disappointed to understand what our 2 dimensional drawings represent only after the building is built.  It is always better to help our clients visualize what the end product will be as we develop the construction drawings.  Building owners expect too much and do not care about the time required to create animations.  They are convinced that the software makes our job easy.  It is impossible to convince them otherwise.

To answer your question, your chances of establishing a good animation career in China and India are much better than here in the United States.

Good luck

Richard Burton, AIA
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