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Argentina/taking my car to argentina


Dave wrote at 2008-07-17 00:16:58
I am planning to move to Argentina with my wife (who is Argentinean).  I am a US citizen. We found that if the car is in the name of just myself, then I can move the car to Argentina without taxes. My wife would have to pay the 80% as you mentioned.  I have to apply for Argentinean residency beforehand.  I don't know if that applies to your all situation, but thought you should know.

Bo Darrah wrote at 2010-01-27 01:18:26
What about register the car from a title for a USA state to Argentina?  What required and what are the cost?

Larry wrote at 2014-11-12 19:08:02
If you're a citizen there, you might be exempt from the excessively high import taxes If not, it might not be worth it financially, as another poster mentioned. You may as well call up a company that does it and get their input. I know this company moves cars in the area quite frequently, I'm sure they could help you out


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