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My wife and I would like to drive from Laughlin NV to the Grand Canyon (never been there) and I'm wondering if it would be worth our while to get off Interstate 40 near Kingman and make the loop north on 66 to Seligman. I like to get off the Interstates when possible but in this instance only if there are some "don't miss" things to see. If it would just add desert time to the drive I wouldn't want to do it.
Also, we would like to know what really is "don't miss" on the trip and what you think might be the best Grand Canyon tour should we decide to do one.
Is there a "best place" to stay in the canyon area for a night?
Upon leaving the canyon area we may head to Phoenix. Is there a "best route" to Phoenix and what should we make sure to see on the way?
Our trip is planned for May 16, 17, 18 of this year, so about a week from now.
Thanks in advance for your insight.


Unless you have a real thing for old highway 66, I would not do it. It would add about two hours to your trip taking the same type of countryside you will be going through on I-40. If there would be something to not miss on this trip, if you have never made the trip down to Oatman, you may want to consider it. To do so, you would go south on 95 towards Bullhead City, and then take the road to Oatman and have lunch there. It is a very interesting side trip and an area you will always remember. Go to,_Arizona to learn about it. This would get you off of the highway and through some very interesting country, as well as give you the chance to drive a bit on old 66.

As for your overnight, it is much too late to find a room at the Grand Canyon, but you can try by going to You will probably find more chances for lodging in Williams. There are a lot of places to stay and plenty of restaurants.

To see the canyon, you can either take the day-trip on the train (, where you can also find a room at the hotel right at the depot; or drive there takint 64 up to South Rim and stay on 64 along the rim (making stops along the way) to where it joins US89 and head south to Flagstaff. If you have the time, when you reach the exit for Wupatni National Monument, take the circle drive to the ruins there and Sunset Crater Volcano. Get a guaranteed late arrivial reservation in Flagstaff as you never know how long you will be sightseeing.

Leave Flagstaff early going south on I-17 to the exit for Alt 89 to Sedona. Plan to have lunch and spend some time in the old downtown area, and then head back to I-17 on 179. Heading south again, get off of the Interstate when you see the signs for Montezuma Castle and visit the ruins. Then, just continue on to Phoenix.

I hope you have a nice trip.
Jim Bruner


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