My wife and I live in Saskatoon, Canada, which has direct flights to phoenix.
We are considering a visit, preferably to a moderately priced resort type hotel that might offer be close to some sight seeing destinations.
I don't know much about the area, except the weather is nice that time of year, and Sedona is pretty cool!
thanks for your help!

Hi Barry,

There are five resort type hotels that you should be looking at;)   Enchantment and L'Auberge are more high end but I wanted to include them so you had all of the information.   The other three are Sedona Rouge, Amara Resort, and the Hilton Resort and Spa.  The Hilton is the most out of the way but only because it is located in what we refer to as the "Village" which is about 10- 15 minutes away from central Sedona.  However it is a beautiful drive!   It is in Sedona, we are just a really small  town and become lazy with anything that takes longer than 5 minutes to get to;)  

I believe we are a great place to visit…of course I ended up living here.  Hiking is a great option, you will want to go to Tlaquepaque (, the Chapel of the Holy Cross ( designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright).  For food there are alot of options but I would recommend Cafe Elote.

If you are thinking of visiting in February we have alot of activities that month - the Sedona Marathon ( also a 5k, 10k and Half) and the Sedons Film Festival.




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