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I have rarely flown.  My husband and I are moving to Arizona later this year, and I'm hoping you can give me advice.  How does one carry their valuable documents (such as Social Security card, wills, etc.)  I have no idea how much is allowed via carryon and what to carry it in, etc.  I'm concerned about leaving the firebox it's now in with the moving company. Thanks

Take only what you consider to be the most important documents with you in your carry-on. I would suggest that you use a small-sized suitcase for your carry-on and just line the bottom of it with all of the most important documents and then leave the rest in your firebox. I have done this in the past and things have worked out well. I also always pack all of my prescription medicine (in their original bottles from the pharmacy) in my carry-on. Be sure to take only paper items in your carry-on. If you have other items that have sentimental value or items such as coins and such that would set off the alarm, you can always mail the firebox to a post office near where you are moving to and have them hold it for you. Just check with your postmaster and you can get all of the information you need to do this.


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