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Ochala wrote at 2016-09-05 07:31:01

I have similar question. Have you received any answer regarding PE using Helichrysum essential oil? If you do, if you don't mind would you share the answer.

Thank you.


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I can answer any questions regarding the use of essential oils, application methods, their make up, safety, distillation process and what ailments they have an affinity for. Feel free to ask me about the use of oils for physical and emotional issues and I can help you, through various resources, come up with a plan of oils to use. I am not a medical doctor so I can not diagnos any illness or give you a specific treatment plan, only share resources and personal experience with you.


I have owned my own essential oil business for three years ( and have been using essential oils for over 5 years. I study many resources on essential oils and I teach classes about essential oils and their use. I have been treating my families medical ailments for the past 5 years with natural medicine exclusively.

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I have a bachelor's degree and have attended numerous trainings and read countless books on essential oils and their use.

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