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whats a good mix of oils/smells for im proved focus and concentration and if oils where does one buy them?Not as focused as I used to be

Hello Nelson. Thank you for your question.
I usually try to find out the root of the problem and deal with that - I often find that lack of focus can be because of too many commitments, or some other type of stress. Bereavement  or some other major upset can cause unsettling and scattered thinking.
There are recommended oils that students or office workers use - where study and mental focus is important. These oils clear the head very quickly - Rosemary and Basil are the top two performers. They are considered to be "top notes" - they hit the senses very quickly and wake one up if there is a warm and sleepy atmosphere. I have heard that some office workers are given a bottle of Basil oil to have at their desk, so that if they start to lose concentration they can have a sniff to wake themselves up.
Peppermint and the citrus oils such as Grapefruit or Lime would also have a refreshing effect. With all these oils, the best and most effective way to use them would be to inhale them. You might have a steam burner in the room and have two or three drops at a time ( not too many as it may give you a headache). You could try one oil or a combination.

If you use the oils to bathe in or massage on - be very careful as Rosemary, Basil and Peppermint are quite harsh oils and can be irritating to the skin, as can the citrus oils if in contact with sensitive areas. I would only use a maximum of two drops of any of them, diluted in a vegetable carrier oil, or bath foam base. Do a small test on your skin to see how you react first.A foot massage would probably be the best area to apply directly. However,the oils take a good six hours to work their way into the skin, so inhaling is going to give a more immediate effect.

For oils that will help with underlying problems that may be causing the lack of focus - email me further with a little more detail please.There are so many to choose from and all have their special areas of affinity.
I order my oils online, but you may find your local pharmacy has a small selection of oils for sale. All of the oils I have mentioned are reasonably priced as well.I just did a Google search and found that there are some overpriced suppliers in New York. However the following supplier has correctly priced oils (in my estimation)    They may be able to help you find others.

Good luck and Happy New Year.



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I specialise in the mixing of oils. Every problem has a different solution depending on the underlying causes.A simple headache could be caused for a number of different reasons. Tracking down the origins of a problem is the first step. I can then advise on the correct oils to use,how to buy them and the methods with which they can be applied. I can also recommend other complimentary techniques for self help with many physical and emotional problems. Feel free to ask about: Skin disorders - eczema, psoriasis,atheletes foot Muscular aches and pains - arthritis, neck and shoulder tension. Painkilling - headaches, chronic pain, backache. Digestive disorders - IBS, constipation. Stress - depression, anxiety, grief, anger, concentration. Medicine cupboard - bites, stings, cuts, bruises,burns. Babies and childrens - tummy aches, colds, sleep problems. And many more !


I have been a qualified aromatherapist for twelve years, working in my own premises as well as mobile visiting. My clients have been varied - ranging from babies to the elderly and sadly,the terminally ill. Whilst many clients simply wish to use aromatherapy to promote a feeling of well being and keep themselves relaxed and healthy - I have had much experience of clients with specific needs. These are just as wide ranging - from skin disorders to back problems on the physical side - to the emotional and spiritual side of things and problems such as coping with grief and bereavement or helping combat anger and stress. I use a mixture of techniques including reflexology. I believe that aromatherapy is a very simple and natural method of self help that can compliment conventional techniques. I am passionate about passing on safe and sensible advice so that more people feel confident to try aromatherapy for themselves. Aromatherapy is not always a cure - but it's potency should never be underestimated. It can help, it can be life changing - and it's certainly worth trying

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