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I would like to make my own hanging car freshener and would like to ask what oils I can use that are safe and mix.  I end up confused when I have tried to research this out myself. I work 14 hour shift and need something that uplifts and keeps me alert when travelling home

Hello and thanks for your enquiry.
I am assuming that you would be using the sort that plugs into the lighter socket of the car ? I have never really liked the idea of oils with electricity - however they are supplied with a pad as I understand it, and you top up the pad.
If it's not an electric one, then presumably you have a pad that just hangs in the car and evaporates naturally.
Either way I would choose a citrus oil as a starter and use two or three drops at a time. Grapefruit or Lime are lovely and refreshing.Tangerine and Mandarin are a little more relaxing.  They don't stay around for long though as they evaporate very quickly, so I would use another oil in conjunction with the citrus.

Decide what types of scent you like - if you like flowery scents I would choose something like Geranium or Ylang Ylang to go with a citrus oil.Up to three drops at a time, with the citrus oil.
If you prefer something more business like, Peppermint is a very stimulating oil - you will only need one or a maximum of two drops at a time, but it's great with citrus.
If you like herbal scents - try rosemary or basil oils which are renowned for stimulating the senses.Again just a couple of drops at a time.
Also uplifting is Patchouli and Frankincense and they blend well with citrus oils but are a little more expensive.
Don't go for Lavender, Sandalwood or Cammomile for driving as they are too sedative.
One word of warning - you can think that the oils don't give off a powerful scent, so don't be tempted to use more oil at time. The oils are quite potent and shouldn't underestimated. Once you leave the car and then come back to it you will realise just how strong the oils are. I just put my oils in the car to go to treatments and people always comment on the lovely smell, even though I have removed the oils, they can still smell them. Also too much might give you a headache. It's a lovely idea though and very uplifting after a long shift at work. Don't buy synthetic and make sure they are 100% and not diluted aromatherapy oils.
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