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We have a scrapbook/paper-crafting store (sell products, hold class and crops). Our customers "hang out" in our shop and share many of their problems with us, since we have developed relationships with them (we are sort of like the neighborhood bartender). Would like to use a diffuser, potpourri, or candle that both is supporting and uplifting, but also encourages sales. Is that possible? What would you suggest I use. Thanks, Pat

Hello Pat. Apologies for the delay in answering your question - I have been without a computer for a few days. However - back to your lovely shop - sounds wonderful.
I always think a diffuser is a great idea as you can change the oils you burn and change the mood completely with just a few drops of essential oils.
I can't say there is a mix that will encourage any one type of mood as the oils affect people in different ways - so what might relax one person might actually make someone else feel more energetic. Geranium is a good example of this.
Here are some lovely combinations of oils that I have used in the past - at home, with clients and in my own shop. The formulae are really not too relaxing or heady as you want your customers to concentrate on what they are doing , but if they come in and say how lovely it smells, it will make them happy and do the right thing.

So - I am assuming you are putting the oils into hot water over a tealight here. I don't have experience of electric diffusers as I do not use them, so for amounts you would need to seek advice elsewhere.Have a diffuser with a removable deep top, so the water doesn't evaporate quickly and you don't have to worry about it burning dry. Also with a removable top, you can wash it out when you want to change oils. Otherwise you will find you won't smell the aromas as they should be.

Lavender 2 drops ,Tangerine or Orange 4 drops, Rose 2 drops (this is expensive but heavenly).

Peppermint  2 drops, Lime 4 drops.

Ylang Ylang 2 drops, Lemon 4 drops, Juniper 2 drops,Grapefruit 4 drops.

Geranium 2 drops,Grapefruit 4 drops.
Frankincense 2 drops,Grapefruit 4 drops.

You can change any of these about  keeping the stronger oils limited to one or two drops and the citrus oils slightly more as they evaporate more quickly. At Christmas try Pimento oil with tangerine , mandarin or orange to give a really festive feel.
I hope this helps and that your customers love the smells !

Kind regards


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