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Hi Judy, i have these organic oils eucalyptus and exotic verbena. I used to go to a sauna where someone added drops of eucalyptus oil to the hot coals and it smelled very nice. I tried to do the same at home minus the sauna. Poured eucalyptus oil on a heated rock. Oil vapor lasts a few hours in an average size room. Is it safe to use eucalyptus and verbena undiluted like that? Thanks.

Hello Robert.To enjoy the vapours from essential oils I always put the oils into hot water. The steam carries the vapour through the air and it is taken in easily through the respiratory system.
Personally I don't like the effect of "burning " oils directly via a heat source. I find this can produce a heavy atmosphere which may cause headaches. I use a vapouriser that has hot water in the top and a nightlight candle underneath, which seems a far more gentle way of spreading the aroma and much more like your sauna effect.
Good luck with your oils and do try some other oils with the ones you have already - the citrus oils are lovely and refreshing - although they do evaporate more quickly. And for a more relaxing and luxurious smell you could try Ylang Ylang or Patchouli.

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I specialise in the mixing of oils. Every problem has a different solution depending on the underlying causes.A simple headache could be caused for a number of different reasons. Tracking down the origins of a problem is the first step. I can then advise on the correct oils to use,how to buy them and the methods with which they can be applied. I can also recommend other complimentary techniques for self help with many physical and emotional problems. Feel free to ask about: Skin disorders - eczema, psoriasis,atheletes foot Muscular aches and pains - arthritis, neck and shoulder tension. Painkilling - headaches, chronic pain, backache. Digestive disorders - IBS, constipation. Stress - depression, anxiety, grief, anger, concentration. Medicine cupboard - bites, stings, cuts, bruises,burns. Babies and childrens - tummy aches, colds, sleep problems. And many more !


I have been a qualified aromatherapist for twelve years, working in my own premises as well as mobile visiting. My clients have been varied - ranging from babies to the elderly and sadly,the terminally ill. Whilst many clients simply wish to use aromatherapy to promote a feeling of well being and keep themselves relaxed and healthy - I have had much experience of clients with specific needs. These are just as wide ranging - from skin disorders to back problems on the physical side - to the emotional and spiritual side of things and problems such as coping with grief and bereavement or helping combat anger and stress. I use a mixture of techniques including reflexology. I believe that aromatherapy is a very simple and natural method of self help that can compliment conventional techniques. I am passionate about passing on safe and sensible advice so that more people feel confident to try aromatherapy for themselves. Aromatherapy is not always a cure - but it's potency should never be underestimated. It can help, it can be life changing - and it's certainly worth trying

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