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Is clary sage oil safe for men to use in terms of inhalation?  And also what is the best way to use any essential oil?

Hi Jeff
Thanks for your question. You can inhale the oils - I find the best way is to put drops of the oil into hot water which is over a night-light candle. ( I do not advocate electric vaporisers.)  This will build up the steam which lifts the oils into the air for inhalation.

You haven't said why you want to use Clary Sage in this way. Clary Sage is a great euphoric and can lift the spirits when inhaled or massaged on. However it is quite a strong aroma and I would only ever use a couple of drops at a time in the vaporiser. You can always top up the drops when you feel it necessary. If you let me know the reason you want to use Clary, I could probably recommend another oil or so to use alongside in the hot water. Combinations always work well. Clary Sage is also brilliant for painkilling and for the back in particular when used in direct application. (It's great for ladies too - for help in childbirth and the menopause )

You ask a simple question about the best way to use any oil ....... the answer to this is quite long though....ALWAYS DILUTE

There are only two oils that should be used undiluted on the skin. They are Tea tree and Lavender oil. This exception is for when you may have a bite or sting or spot that needs zapping with Tea tree, or a small burn or cut that needs soothing with Lavender. One drop of Tea tree applied to the skin for antiseptic and antibiotic purposes with help the healing process. Lavender can be used in higher quantities to take the sting and heat out of minor burns and cuts and is also antiseptic.

Inhalation is good for immediate effect on the mood - there are oils I would burn to energise, or sedate, to refresh or to relax. The other immediate effect will be on the sinuses - so you can use inhalation to clear the sinuses and headaches, or to help with sleep for instance.

Direct application to the skin enables the oils to sink in through the pores and go to the areas that need help. So painkilling oils applied to a bad back will help the physical problem directly. Oils take about six hours to sink into the skin and they need to be diluted in a vegetable base oil, lotion or cream - this enables the oils to be carried onto the skin.

Bathing in oils is another way of absorbing them into the skin. Both massage and bathing in oils is the most relaxing way to apply them. So where there is stress of any kind , the added relaxation that bathing or massage can give, really enhances the effect of the oils. As with direct application - the oils should be diluted in a vegetable based carrier oil, foam bath, shower cream etc before adding to the bath water.

Then consider the amount of oil you should use.
This is harder to simplify.
To inhale - two drops of one oil at a time. However, with citrus oils you can use several drops at a time, as they evaporate quickly and are gone.

With direct application - for one single application I would use one or two drops of any one oil, and up to maybe  four of five different oils together if you want to.

Once you get to know an oil, and the effect it has on you, you can get to know another and try them together. There are no wrong combinations. And you never know how the combination will change and work out - they are fascinating. I always look at the oils as team members. You choose them to go together to form a team that will give you a particular effect.  

This is probably enough to be going on with for the time being, I can advise on making up bottles of formulae, I can also advise on other oils and formulae that I have tried over the years. Please come back to me if you need any further advice.
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I specialise in the mixing of oils. Every problem has a different solution depending on the underlying causes.A simple headache could be caused for a number of different reasons. Tracking down the origins of a problem is the first step. I can then advise on the correct oils to use,how to buy them and the methods with which they can be applied. I can also recommend other complimentary techniques for self help with many physical and emotional problems. Feel free to ask about: Skin disorders - eczema, psoriasis,atheletes foot Muscular aches and pains - arthritis, neck and shoulder tension. Painkilling - headaches, chronic pain, backache. Digestive disorders - IBS, constipation. Stress - depression, anxiety, grief, anger, concentration. Medicine cupboard - bites, stings, cuts, bruises,burns. Babies and childrens - tummy aches, colds, sleep problems. And many more !


I have been a qualified aromatherapist for twelve years, working in my own premises as well as mobile visiting. My clients have been varied - ranging from babies to the elderly and sadly,the terminally ill. Whilst many clients simply wish to use aromatherapy to promote a feeling of well being and keep themselves relaxed and healthy - I have had much experience of clients with specific needs. These are just as wide ranging - from skin disorders to back problems on the physical side - to the emotional and spiritual side of things and problems such as coping with grief and bereavement or helping combat anger and stress. I use a mixture of techniques including reflexology. I believe that aromatherapy is a very simple and natural method of self help that can compliment conventional techniques. I am passionate about passing on safe and sensible advice so that more people feel confident to try aromatherapy for themselves. Aromatherapy is not always a cure - but it's potency should never be underestimated. It can help, it can be life changing - and it's certainly worth trying

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