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i own an ultrasonic nebulizer (veridian model 11-520,if that helps you). it is designed to be used with a mouthpiece (to deliver nebulized substances, such as medication, as a mist directly into the mouth-- to be breathed into the lungs... instead of into the surrounding air in the room). My first thought was that this would be an excellent/efficient way to do my aromatherapy. (i was thinking undiluted oils would probably be too intense and maybe even harmful, but one drop diluted in 4 ounces of distilled water would probably be very safe). But,in the literature that came with the nebulizer it reads: "essential/aromatherapy oils ...are not suitable for inhaling using a nebulizer" and "essential oils can harm... the patient".(!) On my own, i can't figure out/understand why the nebulized "mist" of one drop of oil diluted in 4 oz. of distilled water breathed directly into the mouth and lungs would be harmful. if you have any ideas or answers for me i would be grateful. thanks, tom

Hello Tom. This is an interesting question. I haven't had experience of the use of a nebuliser with aromatherapy oils but I can think there may be reasons for them being unsuitable, based on my own learning:
Firstly - because aromatherapy is not regulated as such, there is always the danger that someone will not realise how potent the oils are. There will always be the potential for someone to misuse the oils and not dilute them, or use them internally etc etc. So any company manufacturing the nebulisers would want to protect themselves by saying don't use aromatherapy at all, to be on the safe side.

Secondly - I have always understood that oils can be corrosive and they react with plastic. I always keep the essential oils in glass containers. I think there may be a real danger that over time, even a tiny quantity of oils in the water would build up in the nebuliser. So after a while the steam coming through would be potentially not very "pure" and the tubes could get sticky or blocked. I may stand corrected on that, but it's just a thought.

Thirdly - If the steam is going straight through the mouth there aren't the fine filters that you have in the nose. So again, if too much oil was used there would be a nasty taste in the mouth after a while, as the oils would settle around the tongue and throat. And there may be a reaction against the oils on the soft tissue of the mouth and throat. Another thought is that when steam and oils pass through the mouth - are the saliva glands tripped into action ? If so the saliva would react with the oils and potentially take away any remedial properties. I was always taught that the oils should go through the skin or through the respiratory system via the nose. However I have used the oils as a mouth wash to heal wounds in the mouth - so it's really going to be down to your decision.

I don't think one drop of oil in water is too much of a problem.And like you, I would be interested in trying another way of using the oils, especially as it sounds as if you are used to using them. However just bear in mind the points above.I suspect you will give it a try !
Good luck.


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