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Aromatherapy/16 year old son with CFs / m.e


Hi Judy,
I have a 16 year old son who has just been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome - he had it aged 4-5 and also aged 10-11.
His main symptoms are chronic tiredness / daytime sleeping, headaches that are worse when tired.
Poor appetite, poor temperature control and a lot of general muscle aches.also, symptoms of depression.
He is very keen on pursuing the route of alternative therapies especially aromatherapy.

Could you advice me please on what the best oils would be for me to buy and I was also going to buy 2 electric burners - one downstairs and one upstairs.
Also, would there be any lotions/ portable product during  exams he could use especially to try and get him more energised. He is due to sit his GCSEs next month - and at the moment it's not looking likely he will be able to sit them due to the tiredness and poor concentration.

I thank you so very much for your time and really do appreciate the help of an expert.

Thanks so much,

Hello Rachel. I have had experience of treating a client of similar age to your son. She too had had the symptoms going back to her being five years old, but only diagnosed at twelve years. Whilst aromatherapy did not provide a cure - she continued them for some years as she said they made her feel better in herself and more relaxed - rather than just tired all the time. It's certainly a very debilitating problem and must be very hard to cope with, especially at your son's age.
I will give you several combinations of oils that are good for certain situations. You can put oils together in combinations or 'teams' where they work really well together.

All citrus oils - especially Lime  - inhalation mainly.
Peppermint ( only one or two drops)

HEADACHES - inhalation and massage .

MUSCLE ACHES & PAINS - massage for this.
Sweet marjoram
Roman Chamomile


ANTI DEPRESSANT - massage and inhalation
Clary Sage
Citrus Oils especially Bergamot
Geranium ( emotional balance)

I would also recommend finding a therapist who can let your son smell the oils. We are often drawn to the oils that will do us good. I could recommend Jasmine for instance, as it is warming and a masculine assertive oil. However it's not everyone who likes Jasmine and some people find it gives them headaches. When I do workshops, I pass the oils round and invariably someone will home in on an aroma that some people don't like. It's a very personal thing.For instance my personal 'uplift' is a combination of Rose, Lavender and Tangerine. Your son may like the more masculine oils such as Clary Sage - or indeed he may need the more feminine oils to give him support.

Regarding the application of the oils - I have always been taught that less is more. Don't underestimate the potency of the oils. One or two drops of any oils at a time is plenty. If massaging the oils onto the skin, make sure they are mixed into an unscented cream or vegetable oil base first.
Finally - the subject of electric burners has been raised before. Personally I have never used them as I prefer a burner that incorporates hot water over a night light candle and gives off steam. Steam is imperative with inhalation. If there is no steam to carry the oils through the air, you are just breathing fumes, which may cause further headaches. However, as I have no knowledge of the electric burners, I would take advice elsewhere - do you know someone who owns one , or have you used them before?
Please come back to me if you need to ask more.
Very best wishes to you both.



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I specialise in the mixing of oils. Every problem has a different solution depending on the underlying causes.A simple headache could be caused for a number of different reasons. Tracking down the origins of a problem is the first step. I can then advise on the correct oils to use,how to buy them and the methods with which they can be applied. I can also recommend other complimentary techniques for self help with many physical and emotional problems. Feel free to ask about: Skin disorders - eczema, psoriasis,atheletes foot Muscular aches and pains - arthritis, neck and shoulder tension. Painkilling - headaches, chronic pain, backache. Digestive disorders - IBS, constipation. Stress - depression, anxiety, grief, anger, concentration. Medicine cupboard - bites, stings, cuts, bruises,burns. Babies and childrens - tummy aches, colds, sleep problems. And many more !


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