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bugland wrote at 2009-09-12 20:30:19
i have a colour picture of the lions, we bought the picture because we like it so much. when we bought it from an antique shop he told us it was an original Pears print but cannot find out if this is true. would love to find out myself who it is by.

good look and hope this may help.

OJ wrote at 2010-04-20 08:16:54
I have a colour copy of this image which belonged to my great grandparents. Having done a bit of research on it, I believe what I have is an original Pears Soap Print called 'A Pair'. I do not know if this 19th century print is based on an even earlier painting but the image I have does appear to be a print and not a painting as there is no evidence of any relief on the surface.

I found most of this information at the link below - an oil painting of the same image.  

first down wrote at 2010-11-12 15:04:57
Pears Soap bought the original 1899 oil painting by Geza Vastagh (Hungarian 1866-1919), and made promotional prints from it. Pears called it "The British Lion," but the  painting has had other titles as well.

Backstory with citations:

High quality image of the apparent original:

John Erskine wrote at 2011-07-27 06:58:28
This was painted by Rosa Bonheur. 1922-1990 ish, French.

There is, what I believe to be a very accurate copy by a Hungarian artist, painted in 1900. Geiza Vastagh.

Trust this helps  

Lion wrote at 2012-12-21 16:31:48
I just bought a painting or print at auction in a very very heavy frame, it is of the beautiful Lion and his Lioness and through a knot hole in the three piece wood backing I can see the date 1884 on a news paper that is in a language that could be German, it is protected by a piece of glass that is wavy.

My painting or print is simple signed Pears. If anyone has any more information that can shed some light on what I have it would be appreciated.

Christine Hill wrote at 2013-08-13 06:39:56
I too have one of these prints.  My grandfather always told me it had been purchased for 'five bob' from the Pears Soap company when he was a child (he was born 1896). It was his mother's, and when it came to him it used to hang in the hallway of his house, over the large Grandfather clock, and is now in Australia with me.

In 2012, I saw a painting of a lion in Dunvegan Castle in Scotland and the artist was Geza Vestagh - it was totally similar in style to the work in my print, and the lion looked like the same lion!  After checking the internet, I now know that the print of the lions was originally offered by Pears in their Christmas Catalogue about 1900.  In 2012 I learned that the original hangs on the staircase of the Russel-Cotes Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth, England, where all the Pears collection resides. (you can phone them, they are very approachable.) It is available as a print, and there are also painted copies of it on offer from time.  So my 100+ year-old print is not worth much in dollar terms, but is of great sentimental value to me!


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