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Sarah Derrick wrote at 2014-10-27 23:10:12
My husbands grandparents owned the store with the apartment in the middle of your picture. They rented the apartment to Norman Rockwell till he died.  


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Frank Leeding


I can (possibly) answer questions regarding art history, technique, theory, and the occasional quandry. In addition to drawing and painting (mainly with acrylics these days), i know a bit about printmaking: Intaglio (etching), relief, offset, transfer and some things about photography. I also use a welding torch to "draw" in metal and then pound the sheets flat and print them. I pretty much "live" in 2D (and much 4D (time); but, 3D is just sort of "thick" version of 2D to me;)


As an artist I [sic] have shown my art work in both open and juried shows. I have an extensive background in both studio and cultural studies in art and related areas. I currently hold bachelors and master degrees in art and technology. In addition, I write extensively on "art theory". And I'm fairly good at mixing paint.

BSCS, University of North Texas, Denton. MA (ATEC), University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson.

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First place, TIPA: "Brookhaven College - The First 25 Years" (shared with my editor Ivana Corsalle.

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