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I need to find a novel PhD research proposal in one of the areas of Natural Language and Information Processing, Text Processing & Mining, error detection and correction, etc. I understand that a PhD research project must be your own idea but I am afraid that I will be redundant. I have an MS in Bioinformatics and I was wondering if you can make some suggestions and I will develop those proposals.


I suspect you will be redundant, but that won't matter because projects involving Natural language are so complex that they don't work that well. If yours works slightly better than others, then you'll be good to go.   I would think that being able to search the enormous genomic databases with natural language sentences would be great.  Be warned - it is a huge undertaking to get anywhere.   

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Chuck Cosby


I can answer questions about speech recognition and natural language understanding. I am particulary strong in knowedge based natural langauge techniques. I cannot answer questions about robotics, nueral nets, prolog, or vision recognition - just speech and natural language.


I have spent 25 years developing natural language software products. I have never developed speech systems, but I have developed sophisticated interfaces from natural language to speech. I have been working with speech recognition systems also for 25 years.

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