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Hello Chuck,
My name's Haady and I'm mastering Computational Linguistics at university Of Tehran, Iran. Our educational scheduler chose Python for our main software programming tool. I know Python is a powerful tool for processing language and related stuff but I believe it's not THAT powerful to make software packages. I think I'll write CL or NLP based application and scripts with Python but I believe I shall definitely need something more powerful to make packages (or even more powerful apps) out of my Python apps. You know what I mean?!
So, do you know any other programming language software to deal with this?

Do you think DELPHI can handle these kind of jobs? If the answer is Yes, would you mention a proper version, please?

'shall be waiting for your response,
Have fun!

I suggest you use commercial software development tools that are in the widest possible use.  Don't use some one-off compiler no has ever heard of.  Also, academics and professors are not always in tune with this idea.  but if you ever expect to get a job in the commercial world, you need to be an expert on commercial software platforms.  For example - Microsoft's C#.Net or any Microsoft language or system.  Also, IBM, or Apple, or Google would be good choices.

Also, a script language like Python is not good for writing complex natural language algorithms. I have not heard of DELPHI - so I don't know what version to use.  but I would stick with proven languages like C++ or C# or Java or something like that.  

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