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Hello Saurabh,

I created a fully autonomous software system. I would now like it to learn from itself. The specific area of focus is on outputs from four algos and their influence on five unique environments. All computations are mathematical.

Question 1
What publicly available A.I. software should I begin to learn to explore this problem?


Hello Dave,

I would highly recommend you to try Torch which is an excellent open source development environment for numerics, machine learning, and computer vision, with a particular emphasis on deep learning and convolutional nets. Torch is available at

You can get more information on how to get started with using Torch, and available packages for Torch at the fbcunn  page ( which has installation instructions, documentation and examples to train classifiers over ImageNet.

Also check out iTorch (, a great interface for Torch using iPython.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

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