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I'm really in need of a hobby. I used to be into making stuff out of clay & I'm also really good at painting nails its my talent but I cant do that everyday to my own nails...& ppl in my family don't want there nails done ._. Some other things I like is painting & music but I'm not allowed to paint & I cant sing........So, basically, I looking for something really cheap (or no money at all) to do that you think I might like. I don't like sports, cooking, playing instruments, singing, making jewelry, reading, & I cant dance :( Please help me.... I'm extremely bored. Thanks!

Have you thought about scrapbooking, crocheting, or knitting? These are inexpensive crafts that are fun. You can learn a lot about them on the Internet. You tube has lots of videos showing simple stitches you can practice with just a crochet hook (or knitting needle or loom) and some yarn.

Scrapbooking is a fun way to record your history while creating art?

Many young people have also created a business when they were just sitting around bored. You can get a free Wordpress site and create a blog about something you enjoy doing and start your own business.

That's just a few ideas hope that you find something to do.

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